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Thread: How to lower the voltage of core 2 duo

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    How to lower the voltage of core 2 duo

    This guide also works for older versions of the Pentium M processor type we use in this guide Notebook Hardware Control (NHC). This software is freeware.

    Prior :
    A processor running at a certain voltage and then produces heat which causes the fan.

    The latest Intel inside (Pentium M and Core 2 Duo up to lately) are able to vary their voltage according to the activity. So there are different multipliers for different voltages. The lowest is consistently used when the CPU usage is minimal and the highest when the CPU is loaded up. There are of course a set of multipliers intermediaries. If we can lower the voltage assigned to each multiplier, the CPU should logically less heat. Indeed, to perform the same operations the processor will use less power. Similarly, if the voltage is lower, the processor speed remains the same. This observation in mind: what could be the negative consequences of such an operation? Primarily the system instability. The question is therefore whether the processor is sufficiently stable once the frequencies lowered. There are several ways to test it. The NHC allows software to a basic test after each adjustment, which allows to highlight the large instabilities. In sum, if such a test when you get a fatal error or blue screen, it should increase a bit frequency.

    Results :
    Note that in my situation handling and testing on different machines at low frequency (first frequency multiplier and approximate) I have no problems. I cons by, and this is the expected result, won 13-20 degree in the settings of origins. Thus on an HP nw8440 release more than 75 degrees with the settings origins after fifteen minutes of a game requiring (note that the graphics card plays a role in temperature in this case) the temperature drops to around 60 degrees. You can also use specialized utilities that test your setup and pushing up your processor to test its effects (stress test).

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    Re: How to lower the voltage of core 2 duo

    How it happens :
    First download the NHC from the official site. The software installed and opened, you will see several tabs : Status, CPU speed, voltage, ACPI, Battery, graphic, hard disk, profiles, settings and info.

    - In this tab you can control ACPI thermal zones (z1 z0 etc.) corresponding to different sensors installed in your machine.
    - To make adjustments, click the tab and see what voltage is the smallest and the largest multiplier. ie the minimum voltage in case of inactivity and the maximum voltage when the processor is in high demand.
    - In general, the machines I tested, it was generally leave the minimum voltage for all multipliers except the last which I most often attributed to a voltage a notch. As mentioned earlier, if in that test your processor you get a blue screen increase the voltage. I have on my side on the above machines never encountered such a case.
    - Once you click on a selected frequency set, NHC perform a stability test automatically.
    - NHC also allows you to control in the tab CPU speed of your processor speed in order for example, travel, curb your machine to use less energy and thus to obtain greater autonomy.

    Results :
    The settings associated with a decrease in brightness, and tweaks (disable wireless connections-son, disable unused devices, fine tune the processes initiated in particular and enable Powerplay on ATI graphics card brand) m ' have won more than 45 minutes to an hour and a half of independence on my desktop machines I enter a course and view some documents. I reach for example a little over 7 hours on high capacity battery for my X60 and I reached around 4:45 on my NC8230 (battery supplied as standard). For more information here is a section dedicated to the mastery of self. Finally note that the problems are very rare, a blue screen or crash with no little risk if it is rare for files in use. In this regard, an effective and regular backup of your data is essential. We will return to our pages.

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    Re: How to lower the voltage of core 2 duo

    Very good article, by cons, you should specify at the outset that this manipulation is to use an extended laptop, I "lit" only at the end so that when reading I asked myself: "Well, but why try to lower the voltage processor from the PC? " Very interesting. Thank you

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