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Thread: Install BackTrack 4 (Final) in VirtualBox

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    Install BackTrack 4 (Final) in VirtualBox

    With this tutorial, we will see in detail the installation of Backtrack 4 on VirtualBox. To make this tutorial you need a DVD image of Backtrack 4 final (. Iso) and internet connection. To begin, download and install VirtualBox if you turn on Window or Mac O $ $ X, the process is the same as with any other program. If your host OS is Linux, make sure to download the version corresponding to your distribution.

    Once the installation completed successfully, start VirtualBox. No virtual machine is available, it is now to create one. Do not go running, it is very simple. Start your creation by clicking on "New".

    Click "Next" and then you get a window that asks you to name your virtual machine and specify what type of system be installed on this virtual machine. So choose a name for your machine and then set the operating system "Linux" and as version "Linux 2.6".

    We'll have to then determine the amount of RAM you allocate to the virtual machine. You shall be determined according to available resources on your computer and needs of your host OS. This parameter can be modified in the properties of virtual machine, if you do not properly assess the correct balance and train your machine, or your OS suffers, it will be possible to rectify later. I have 4GB of RAM in all, I decided to dedicate half of my virtual machine.

    After clicking Next, it's about creating an image of hard disk to install your BT. So check the option "Boot Hard Disk" is checked and click Next.
    A new window opens, click Next. This is to define the type of virtual hard disk image. A dynamic image size will fit your future needs so that a fixed image size will be limited to that which you assign. I advise you to choose a disk image size dynamics. Unless you do not already have a limited space and you do not want to see the virtual machine take too much space on your physical disk.

    Click Next and then you must define the location and size of your virtual hard disk. Do not touch the site. Assign a size virtual hard disk, knowing that a minimum of 8Gb is required. For this tutorial, I decided to leave the default 8Gb.

    Click Next and then you emerge on the summary of the configuration of your new virtual disk. Click Finish if you are happy to create the virtual hard disk.
    You then arrive at the summary of the configuration of the virtual machine that you have set. If you are satisfied with the configuration, click finish.
    Your virtual machine is then ready to welcome Backtrack. You've done the hardest! It only remains to install Backtrack 4 and voila.

    In short, it is starting to backtrack liveCD on your virtual machine and to run the installer, which is on the desktop. Bring you then your DVD image of Backtrack, select your virtual machine and click on "Preferences".

    You then go to the configuration of your virtual machine you can change many settings. Take to tune the performance of functions in your host system and the needs of your virtual machine, but we're not there yet. Go to the "System" tab and set the boot sequence.

    Continue by going to the tab "Media" and specify the location of your DVD image of Backtrack. Confirm with OK

    It is finally time to launch the virtual machine, oh joy! To do this, select your machine freshly set and click Start.

    The machine then boot on the DVD image. Accept the proposed resolution screen (1024x768) and further launch, it may take some time. When the command line appears, the system is launched, just type startx to launch the GUI.

    Once the GUI started, click once on the only icon on the desktop "". The installation begins.

    Choose your time zone, keyboard, etc. and confirm the default settings. Do not worry for your data, formatting only concerns the virtual hard disk created earlier. The installation process starts, you will have time to go to make coffee and eat a snack, gourmet breakfast as you are.

    When installation is complete stop the virtual machine and "pull" the image of the DVD virtual drive, using the method to put it. That's where we'll see if you understand what you have done !!

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    Re: Install BackTrack 4 (Final) in VirtualBox

    Installing Guest Additions:

    Once you have installed everything, we might have some problems (such as screen resolution, problems with the copy & paste of the physical to the virtual machine, shared folders, etc.). To solve these problems we will install the VirtualBox tools kit, which is not installed by default. Below is how to do this:

    • With machine running virtual mount the ISO.
    • We put the BackTrack CD:
      mount / dev / hdc / media/cdrom0
    • And run:
      cd / media/cdrom0 VboxLinuxAdditions
    • After that we installed utilities reboot the VM.

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    Re: Install BackTrack 4 (Final) in VirtualBox

    VirtualBox allows you to use and operate images.iso without having to make special allowing you to test distributions of Linux live CD for example without using your cdrom or without having to boot up at all is demarage do under windows, linux or mac. To test it is advisable to take at least 256MB of RAM and a good use choose 64mb video memory as such.

    Remember the sound of simple parameters which is not done by default. Some features are not detailed here but virtualbox offers other possibilities of use in simulation and virtualization.

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    Re: Install BackTrack 4 (Final) in VirtualBox

    This is a good tutorial but its pretty hard to read cuz of the way its worded. Did you use google translate to translate this from another language? Do you want me to reword it so its easier to read?

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    Re: Install BackTrack 4 (Final) in VirtualBox

    There are many videos that shows how to install BackTrack 4 (Final) in VirtualBox, as well as applying a few tweaks and updating it. Anyone can use that method to install BackTrack on a real machine. Or with this command also it can be installed:

    bash /media/cdrom0/
    nano /root/.bash_profile
    apt-get -y update
    apt-get -y upgrade
    apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade -y
    /pentest/exploits/ -i
    apt-get install crark
    apt-get install wbox
    apt-get install vlc

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    ThumbsUp Re: Install BackTrack 4 (Final) in VirtualBox

    I created a BackTrack 5 VM Image of my own that you can download (2.38GB), so you do not have to download and install via Parallels, very easy to add to your list of virtual machines. Can Parallels .pvms be imported into virtualbox? I tried importing the pvm into VMware but it failed at boot, something about a missing drive at 0:1

    BackTrack 5 Parallels VM

    It is the 64-bit Gnome version. It has a few extra features to help beginners get familiar with Linux based terminal commands.

    It also has the following installed that the original download does not have:
    • Parallels VM Image (tested on Mac, not sure about Windows, let me know!)
    • Parallels Tools installed.
    • Everything accessible on the desktop.
    • Custom built for WEP aircrack-ng penetration testing using Realtek RTL8187L interface (other cards should work too).
    • Easy to use scripts with helpful prompts, minimal typing required to test WEP networks.
    • Installed Synaptic Package Manager (keep your system up to date, install packages without terminal).
    • Latest Kismet 2011-03-2 (will require modification of the kismet.conf file for your card) [optional].
    • Link to kismet.conf file on desktop.
    • Helpful document to recover WEP key networks manually (simple copy and paste into terminal).
    • Macchanger GUI App (able to change your MAC Address).
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    Re: Install BackTrack 4 (Final) in VirtualBox

    Do you have a download site for the VM?

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    Re: Install BackTrack 4 (Final) in VirtualBox

    No we don't have any download site for the VM for now you will have to get it from the other sites.

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