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Thread: Integrate Facebook right in Gmail

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    Integrate Facebook right in Gmail

    If you are a Facebook lover, using a simple plugin, you can simply integrate the Facebook in your Gmail. This is the quickest way to access all information from Facebook. To do so here is the step by step you need to follow:

    • Log into your Gmail account and click the Settings link at the top of the window.

    • Click on Labs.

    • Select Enable from the Add any gadget by URL.

    • Click Save Changes.

    • Click again on the Settings link at the top of the window. A new tab is this gadget. Click it.

    • In the Add a gadget by its URL, copy the following address: and click Add.

    • A new Facebook feature is displayed in the left column of your webmail.

    • Click on the link Expand: Facebook will open in the window inside Gmail. Now just log in and you can browse it and see the information of your friends, post new messages, etc..

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    Re: Integrate Facebook right in Gmail

    Hello I have tried this tips. And it’s really nice to use Facebook on our Gmail account. But The Facebook integration is too ugly for regular use. Can I do something to show Facebook gadget better? If you have any idea on it then please share your knowledge with me. I hope that you will provide me the appropriate explanation on it. I am waiting for your reply. And is it possible to make use of twitter on Gmail. Actually I am not aware of these things.

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