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Thread: Tip: Small script to download youtube videos

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    Tip: Small script to download youtube videos

    Here is a script to download videos.

    Save this script in file C:/Scripts/Hex2Ascii.txt.
    # Script Hex2Ascii.txt
    var str value, replacelist
    set $replacelist = " \t%20\n!\t%21\n\"\t%22\n#\t%23\n$\t%24\n%\t%25\n&\t%26\n'\t%27\n(\t%28\n)\t%29\n*\t%2A\n+\t%2B\n,\t%2C\n-\t%2D\n.\t%2E\n/\t%2F\n:\t%3A\n;\t%3B\n<\t%3C\n=\t%3D\n>\t%3E\n?\t%3F\n@\t%40\n[\t%5B\n\\\t%5C\n]\t%5D\n\^\t%5E\n_\t%5F\n`\t%60\n{\t%7B\n|\t%7C\n}\t%7D\n~\t%7E\n"
    set $wsep = "\t"
    set $lsep = "\n"
    var str entry, char, code
    lex "1" $replacelist > $entry
    while ($entry <> "")
        wex -p "1" $entry > $char
        wex -p "2" $entry > $code
        while ( { sen ("^"+$code+"^") $value } > 0 )
            sal ("^"+$code+"^") $char $value > null
        lex "1" $replacelist > $entry
    echo $value

    save this script in file C:/Scripts/youtube.txt.
    # Script youtube.txt
    var str videolink, savefile, server, url
    isstart "mysession" "description" "Mozilla/4.0"
    iscon "mysession" "" > null
    stex "^.com^]" $videolink > null ; stex "[^&^2" $videolink > null
    isret "mysession" $videolink > $url
    stex "^fmt_url_map=^]" $url > null ; stex -r "[^(]&\n)^" $url > null
    script "Hex2Ascii.txt" value($url) > $url
    stex -c "]^http^" $url > null
    stex -c "^.com^]" $url > $server
    isdiscon "mysession"
    iscon "mysession" $server > null
    # $url has 3 urls separated by |, presumebly alternate urls for streaming video. Get the first url.
    stex "[^|^" $url > null
    # Remove the last comma from $url1.
    stex "[^,^l" $url > null
    isret -b "mysession" $url > null
    # Save video
    issave -b "mysession" ($savefile+".flv")
    isdiscon "mysession"
    isend "mysession"

    Scripts are in biterscripting. You can translate them to another scripting language (please post your translated versions for others). To try the script, start biterscripting, copy and paste this command into it.

    script youtube.txt videolink("") savefile("C:/funnydog")

    It will download the video of the funny dog and save it into file C:/funnydog.flv. You can download your favorite video - right click on the video link, select properties, copy the URL, and paste it into above command instead of "" for the videolink() argument.

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    Re: Tip: Small script to download youtube videos

    This is quiet an nice option where you get a automated service to download and install youtube videos. I am using a addon extension on firefox called as download helper. This small addon offers you direct download of youtube videos in flv format on your hard drive. That the most easiest way I think about the same.

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