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Thread: Speedup your Browsing with DNS setting

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    Speedup your Browsing with DNS setting

    There are most of the time when you browse to a website through your computer's default browser, in this situation your computer to sends an information back and forth, which is obviously done. From this information it deals with resolving the site name to an appropriate IP address, these are the stuffs that tcp/ip really deals with it. This is a DNS information and it is used so that next time you will not need to ask for the site location every time when you visit the site. Although Windows XP and Windows 2000 has an efficient DNS cache, you can increase overall performance by increasing their size. This can be done by the registry entries.

    You need to do the following methods as mentioned below:

    You need to have Windows Registry Editor Ver 5.00
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\Dnscache\Parameters]

    You need to make a new text file and then rename it to "dnscache.reg". After that copy and paste all the above into it and save it. Finally merge it into the registry.

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    Re: Speedup your Browsing with DNS setting

    Thanks for this trick as i have seen that there is a change in the speed of my browser. Before the speed was not so fast but after doing this setting or trick i can access two or three website at a time with a great speed as there was no error i am facing when i surf any particular website on my computer through my default browser, So thanks once again for this trick..

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    Re: Speedup your Browsing with DNS setting

    Hey i have done this settings in my system and i can see that there is a little bit faster browser speed then the previous one. I am using mozilla firefox though i don't need this kind of trick but have tried on my computer and what i saw that this trick worked on my computer and now i can browse any of the website more faster then the previous speed which i was getting on my borwser. Thanks dude for this great trick hope providemore trick in regarding to the speed.

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    Re: Speedup your Browsing with DNS setting

    wow man thanks for such a cool trick... it really works... my internet speed is increased a little bit.

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    Re: Speedup your Browsing with DNS setting

    In my Regedit Panel I cant find below registry entry, Y is that

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