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Thread: Tips to design table in SQL 2005

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    Tips to design table in SQL 2005

    I am learning to work with the SQL database. Currently I am trying to work on SQL 2005. My instructor has said that for developing good software you have to design the correct database table, because table are the basic keys while developing the software or the database design. So I am really in need to know the tips for making the tables in database of SQL 2005. I do not want to make a mess of my table in the database or not I want to change the table design in future.

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    Re: Tips to design table in SQL 2005

    There are many tips for designing a good table design in the SQL 2005. I will like to mention some of these.
    1. You must normalize your table in SQL this will help you to get rid of entering the same data at different places.
    2. Do not forget to enter the primary key in each and every table you create in the database
    3. Now if you are creating primary key for your table then it will be better to choose the numeric primary key for your table. Using the non-numeric primary key will definitely lead to problem in future.
    4. This does not mean that you cannot keep the primary key for your table. For example if you want to create the primary key for the countries then it is better option you do not have to create a separate number for the countries. The countries names are not going to be repeated.

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    Re: Tips to design table in SQL 2005

    According to me tips mentioned in the above replies are the basic level tips. Do not forget to use these tips but also consider the tips given below.
    1. Design you table in such a way that they can participate in the relationships. Relationships can be of one is to one or it can be one is to many. Creating the relationship will definitely help to remove the irrelevant data in the database.
    2. Try to choose the best data type and the size for your field in your table. Choosing the correct data type will definitely help you to improve the performance of queries you are going to use.

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