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Thread: Brochure Design Tips

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    Brochure Design Tips

    If It is first time you want to create a brochure, Just some truths to keep in mind.

    # Splash a color in your brochure that can look bold..

    # Use some graphical elements like headlines and bold will keep your audience interested in your brochure.

    # Do not want to be introduced to you via your profile in brochure.

    # Stick to three fonts or less for your brochure.

    # Use only theses fonts Century Schoolbook, Century Expanded, Georgia, and Palatino.

    # use of typefaces and sizes for headlines, body text, and captions; size 14 or 16 for headlines, size 12 for text, and size 10 for captions.

    #Use line spacing to make your brochure attractive and legible.

    # Don't crowd elements on the page.

    # use the mail panel space to include every bit of contact information you have like your return address, website and logo.

    #when you have your final design for proofing be sure you fold the brochure to check that your layout is correct.

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    Brochure Design Tips

    I will add some more tips for quick brochure.

    # Don't get spelling errors, poor production, design mistakes, or incorrect information your brochure. Ask an independent person, preferably in your company for any correct information.

    # Always use a professional printer for printing brochure.

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