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Thread: Unblock A Web Page From Behind A Firewall

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    Unblock A Web Page From Behind A Firewall

    When you try to open a web page and firewall may block your web page. There is a few tips on how to unblock a web page from behind a firewall.

    # You should Used a proxy for unblock the website. Most of time firewall can block the ip address and ip range. You need to download glypeproxy from internet and install in your system. Then put an website address to the windows of glypeproxy and enter it.

    # Restarting your modem will also help to unblock the website by firewall. But it will only work if you are using dynamic IP address.

    # Google cache is also used for unblock the web page. It is basically a backup of the site that Google has archived. You access a cached website, simple do a Google search with, then click on the cache link.

    # You can also try as enter ip address of the website at your browser address bar. You can also know the your web page ip from the site SelfSEO.
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    Re: Unblock A Web Page From Behind A Firewall

    Thanks for Your Help Dasha

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    Re: Unblock A Web Page From Behind A Firewall

    Excellent trick.Thanks 4 sharing

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