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Thread: Google chrome multi process architecture

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    Google chrome multi process architecture

    Google Chrome's popularity is growing very fast in the browser market. I would like to share some of the features which makes Google Chrome popular.
    1) First and the most powerful feature which lacks in most of the browsers today is the Chrome's multi process architecture. Most of the browsers are single threaded, Chrome is different than these browsers because chrome is not multi-threaded but multi-process browser. The browsers process is separated in the same manner as in an operating system. Each tab and each plugin will act independently.
    2) Chrome provides a task manager which shows you memory usage, CPU usage for each tab and plug-in i.e it is possible to observe their consumption (CPU, Bandwidth, Memory) through a process manager as like any operating system.
    3) Google Chrome uses it's own virtual machine for JavaScript called V8 who complies the code before execution. It also uses a smart garbage collector.
    4) Chrome's home page displays the most visited sites as thumbnails and also automatically add search engine bars.
    5) Chrome has a Porn Mode i.e nickname for private browsing mode and allows surf without leaving traces.

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    Re: Google chrome multi process architecture

    Thanks Modifier for sharing the features of Google chrome. I would like to add some more features of this great Browser
    Google Chrome is more safe than other browsers because each process is in its own sandbox, which have its own rights. When a tab is closed (and thus a process) all the trash collected by the browser will be an history. Google Chrome is a Open Source Project so developers can view the source code for reference.

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