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Thread: Discover Windows 7 recorder

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    Discover Windows 7 recorder

    When a friend, colleague or a user on your network report you a problem with his computer, ask him to use the recorder of shares included as standard in Windows 7 and reproduce the problem. It will be easier to understand, analyze and resolve its difficulties. A very useful tool also for bugs back to publishers or department of his company.

    Originally designed for the convenience of "Help Desks" business, the Recorder of user action is a new tool built into Windows 7, which is any kind of use in everyday life. It especially allows friends to help each other solve their computer problems. It is therefore important to know the functioning of this tool.
    • Close all unnecessary windows
    • Open the "Start" menu of Windows 7
    • In the search field, type "record" and select "Save steps to reproduce the problem" in the list of hits.
    • Click "Start Recording"
    • Run the application that poses a problem
    • Reproduce step actions that lead to the problem
    • Each click of the mouse and each called function is registered.
    • When you make an important step, click "Add a comment" with the mouse select the area of the screen particularly concerned and indicate what you would do or want to obtain.
    • Once the problem was reproduced and displayed, click "Stop Recording".
    • Windows asks you where to save the record. Give the file a name and click OK
    • Registration is in the form of a ZIP file that can then be sent by email to the person who can help.
    • The ZIP archive actually contains a report in HTML format "MHT". This report contains two sections:
      • The "User Actions" section shows a screenshot of the screen after each action (mouse click) the user. The clicked area is automatically highlighted.
      • The "Additional Details" section contains more technical information such as system calls triggered, activated processes, etc..

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    Re: Discover Windows 7 recorder

    I think what you are talking about is called "Problem Step Recorder". The new Problem Steps Recorder (PSR.exe) allows you to see exactly what’s going on, documenting every action that takes place on the system experiencing problems. This tool has a simple screen capture utility that grabs screenshots whenever a mouse move or click is made and documents all the data into a zipped MHTML report page that can be sent off directly to the help desk. Every step of the user’s actions is logged complete with a screenshot with the item highlighted, and it even allows the user to provide commentary on specific details. You can download this tool if you are not having Windows 7 installed on your computer, here. It supports Windows Server 2003; Windows Server 2008; Windows Vista; Windows XP operating system.

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