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Thread: build your own NAS server

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    build your own NAS server

    FreeNAS is a free NAS server, supkeep CIFS (Samba), FTP, NFS, rsync, AFP protocols, S.M.A.R.T., local user authentication, and software RAID (0,1,5), with a web-based configuration interface. FreeNAS takes less than 32 MB once installed on CompactFlash, hard drive or USB flash drive. FreeNAS is currently distributed as an ISO image and in source form. It is possible to run FreeNAS from a Live-CD, with the configuration files stored on an MS-DOS-formatted floppy disk. There is also a VMWare disk image available.

    FreeNAS is based on Unix/FreeBSD

    I made this with using an old P3 @ 600 MHz w 256 RAM and a 3com ethernet card.So i can explain what i have done with my computer a CDROM drive is only required for the installation and can be replaced later by another hard drive 4 hard drives 1x 250 GB, 2x 160 GB and 1x 120 GB

    The operating system can be installed on a memory card or usb flash drive if USB boot is supported by the system.Now get the FreeNAS image, create the CD and boot the pc from this CD.Hit ENTER at the start screen for getting 'Console Setup'. press 9 go to the 'Installation Menu'. press 3 for "Install full release on hard drive".This will lead to partition the hard drive, 128 MB for the OS, for the remaining the CD drive as installation source and the hard drive you like to install FreeNAS on as destination,Eject the CD from the drive and hit 6 to return to the main menu and choose reboot.Now you can view the Console Setup' again. press 2 to configure your LAN IP, wait a little bit until you're sure everything is working fine.


    This can be done with workstation on your network via HTTP(S) interface. On your web browser and put the FreeNAS LAN IP.Pass the username and password (admin / freenas by default).After this configure the hard drive(s).Select UFS as the file system, format, mount the drive and save the modifications.Next configure the services. to access the drive you need to activate at least one service.Better use CIFS for windows users. under Settings mention the Workgroup.Now on 'permissions' and name the drive,apply the changes and restart.You may set up further services if you need them (e..g. FTP, DynDNS for web access, UPnP AV for media streaming if you have multimedia streaming clients on your network) or software raid for data security.

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    Re: build your own NAS server

    Personally I think a NAS is a crap unless it comes with no brainier backup capabilities. I bought a 1TB Acer Windows Home Server off Amazon for $373. That's a complete computer with 1TB of storage and all the pre-installed software necessary for effortless backup of anything in my house.

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