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Thread: How to access Google services quickly

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    How to access Google services quickly

    How quickly and easily access to the galaxy of Firefox from Google? Simply by adding the extension GButts browser. It allows you to choose your favorite services and added to the navigation easier access to them.

    GButts is a Firefox extension format that simplifies and accelerates the use of Google services, starting with the essential GMail, Google Docs, Google Sites, Blogger, Google Calendar, Google Earth and Maps, Orkut and other Adsense, Adwords, Analytics and Trends .
    • Open Firefox
    • Download the GButts extension.
    • Restart Firefox after installing the extension completed
    • Go to the Tools menu and select Add-ons
    • Open the Extensions tab
    • Find GButts box and click Options
    • In the list of Google services, select those that you use
    • In "Show Buttons like a" select Toolbar for one-click access to services, or select Dropdown Menu to save space in the toolbars. If you use more than 3 services, it is better to opt for the mode Dropdown Menu.
    • In "Orientation on Toolbar" select if you prefer a vertical or horizontal orientation icons. The horizontal orientation is the only feasible if you have more than 3 services.
    • Check the box Always open a new tab (still open the selected service in a new tab) which is the most practical.
    • Confirm with OK
    • Click Restart Firefox
    • Click the right button on the navigation bar in Firefox
    • Select Custom
    • Find the button in the Toolbar GButts list
    • Click on it and holding your mouse button, drag and drop the icon in the location that suits you in the navigation bar.

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    Re: How to access Google services quickly


    Displays all of your Google Services as buttons just next to your addressbar or anywhere you like it!

    You can go to settings to change which services should be available for you as buttons. Left click on a button opens the service in the current tab, MIDDLE CLICK opens a new tab. If you like you can change the main appearance from a Toolbar with all buttons you've selected to a single Dropdown Menu.

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