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Thread: How to recover the Vista search and create a shortcut

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    How to recover the Vista search and create a shortcut

    Where is this important function "Search" in Vista SP1?

    Microsoft Windows Vista, the advanced search for a file by its content is less intuitive than Microsoft Windows XP, which had an entrance reserved.

    First possibility

    If some one noticed, they already have the Vista SP1 on their PCs, (pre-installed or installation CD) or if they made the update to Vista SP1! You will notice that the very convenient "Search" in the Start menu has disappeared.

    The deletion of the application (function) in the Start Menu> (Properties and Customize) cause quite a problem for many users of the system, which had XP and now see this as a (stupid commercial) Severe error on the part of Microsoft, and this error is particularly incomprehensible since it allowed to recover files and folders on the hard disk, etc.

    You can easily find this feature on the system.

    • In this panel, please click on''Advanced Search''
    • The panel will open, and here is what appears
    • You specify the location of research
    • Top right, you type in your console
    • And you have everything that is related to the application
    • You can also search in other applications, you configure it as you can see on the search bar.

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    Re: How to recover the Vista search and create a shortcut

    Second possibility

    This option is synonym to the first, but with a shortcut!
    • If on Vista the shortcut to the "Search" has been removed, we will create one and place it in the Start menu.
    • Right click on a blank area of the Office
    • Select New, then Shortcut
    • In the input field, enter:

       Explorer search-ms:
    • Click Next. Here, we will create on the desktop a shortcut to the "Search" Windows Vista, then place this shortcut in the Start menu.
    • Enter shortcut name: Search
    • Click Finish

    Click the right button on the Search icon created on the desktop

    • Select Add to the Start menu
    • You now have access to new research from the Windows Vista Start menu.

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