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Thread: Replace Xp Taskbar with Windows 7 Superbar

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    Replace Xp Taskbar with Windows 7 Superbar

    If you are a Windows Xp user and have ever worked on Windows 7, you might have feel the comfortableness of windows 7 taskbar which is actually know as Superbar which change the interface and functionality of the Windows Taskbar quite a bit. It was welcomed by the windows users beacuse it is simply superb. Live Taskbar Thumnail Previews, Aero Peek feature, Jumplist feature, big icons without the text, all added to its quick popularity.The advantage of this interface change is that it is possible to squeeze additional icons on the taskbar.

    Well, now you can get this superbar in your Windows Xp also. There is an application that makes it possible, SBar Taskbar Replacement. is a sleek utility that will emulate the windows 7 like takbar feature in Windows XP. Once you have installed it on your Xp system, it will look like this:-

    SBar Taskbar Replacement features
    • Added compatibility with quick launch (experimental)

    • Added new skin Aero16 that support normal size taskbar buttons

    • Redesigned Options Dialog

    • more better compatibility with XP skins

    • Fixed mouse hover bug

    Download SBar Taskbar Replacement

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    Re: Replace Xp Taskbar with Windows 7 Superbar

    Thats really a nice application i think for the Xp users like me. I am also a Xp user and i like the Superbar of windows 7 lot. i definitely want to make my Xp taskbar look like windows 7 but i prefer the manual way to do any thing. I thank you all for sharing this useful info but i want to know is there any way i can do the same with out the third party app ? Please let me know if any.. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Replace Xp Taskbar with Windows 7 Superbar

    You can even make your Xp taskbar look like windows 7 superbar with some changes in registry. If you are aware of the risk of working around registry than just go through this steps:-

    Go to Start than click on Run, type regedit and press Enter

    Now locate the following folder:-
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics.
    Now make a new String value on the right side and name it as MinWidth

    Now double click the key and set its value -255

    Thats it.. Just reboot the computer to effect the changes. You are done. In case you wish to revert back to the normal taskbar just delete the MinWidth key.

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    Re: Replace Xp Taskbar with Windows 7 Superbar

    For the user who wish to replace the xp taskbar with any application, can also go with ViGlance.This keeps the taskbar clean and better organised into a more logical grouping system.With 48×48 icon support, PNG Skins, transparency and transitional effects, this tool does emulate Windows 7’s taskbar in XP to a huge extent.

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    Re: Replace Xp Taskbar with Windows 7 Superbar

    The Windows 7 Superbar is definitely a cool feature--glad to see that it is now available for XP (as well as Vista). Did you know that some of the Aero features are now compatible with XP too?

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