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Thread: How to Avoid Spam by Facebook

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    How to Avoid Spam by Facebook

    Like millions of users around the world, you have an account on the social network Facebook. This is useful for meeting new people, keep in touch with his relatives or share photos of parties, but also fun with the many applications that are available as online quiz, poker or gang warfare.

    But you've also noticed that the higher your activity on the network, the greater your e-mail address is being flooded with notifications that come from. Examples include requests for additions to the list of contacts, the request to add to a group, made the comment on a photo or publication of a message on your wall. One can quite easily reach the 20 messages per day. To avoid this, simply set your account indicating that alerts you wish to receive or not.

    After logging in to Facebook, locate the "Settings" button in the upper right. Pass the mouse over and click on "Account".

    In the new window, click on "Notifications."

    From there, it will be possible to configure all alerts on the account. Do not forget to validate the changes by clicking the button at the bottom of the page to be taken into account.

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    Re: How to Avoid Spam by Facebook

    10 steps to avoid span.
    • Maintain at least two email addresses, public address and private address
    • Never publish your private address on publicly accessible resources.
    • Make sure that your private address is difficult to spoof
    • Always make sure that you are treating your public address as a temporary one.
    • Make sure that you are using your public address to register in forums, chat rooms and to subscribe to mailing lists and promotions.
    • Never respond to spam
    • Do not click on unsubscribe links
    • Change your private address is discovered by spammers.
    • Make sure you have got a good antispan solution installed in your system.

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