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Thread: Add Bing Search to Windows 7

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    Add Bing Search to Windows 7

    Microsoft's search engine Bing is live from today. Its infact cool and nice with its features. You can even add Bing directly to your Windows 7 or your Web browsers.Sharepoint developer has created a search connector for Bing on Windows 7. With this connector, you can directly search Bing from the Windows 7 explorer.

    To add Bing to Windows 7, you need to Download the Search Connector. Once downloaded double click to add it. Now go to Start –> Run and type regedit and press Enter. Now loacte to the following folder:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER –> Software –> Policies –> Microsoft –> Windows –> Explorer
    Now on the right side, make a new string value key and name it name it Library0. Now double click and Enter C:\Users\User\Searches\bing.searchconnector-ms for Value data. Reboot the system.

    This will add an item to Favorites in Windows 7.So next time you want to search anything on Bing, just type it in the explorer search.

    Download the Search Connector

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    Re: Add Bing Search to Windows 7

    To add Bing to Web Browsers, there is plugins for every browser. Like if you want to add Bing to Internet Explorer, You need to download Bing Search and install it to internet Explorer.

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