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Thread: How to change or delete USB drive name

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    How to change or delete USB drive name

    In Windows operating system especially Windows XP, when plug in USB external FireWire mass storage device, however, such bait USB key, flash drive, portable hard drive, the drive is not drive letter have been assigned by the system, hence the USB drive, however FireWire drive not showing in Unknown, however, and no AutoPlay / AutoRun window Pops up, although the device has been detected in Safely Remove Hardware (show drinking device with no drive letter) wizard. The cause is probably due to 'stupid' behavior off XP where it won 't find available year point from free letters pool when the USB, however, has external FireWire drive which has previously mounted and assigned drive letter is been inserted to computer USB FireWire However port again, drank that previously allocated drive letter has been taken up and used by another storage devices. Another possible reason is the 26-letter alphabet has been used, drink this situation is rare and unlikely.

    Do not separate the conflict data storage unit at the free drive assembly letter update become possible perhaps or effective area of some, how for example computers, which flow on a net drive assembly or a system with data communication activity on all its tasks drive assembly continuously, without stopping, separate and thus or conversion each assigned drive assemblies, network drive assemblies, removable data carriers or other memory drive assemblies is not an option.

    There is another engraving of alternative action to fix the no USB or Firewire edition of the operation of. The difficulty of alternative action relies on touch recording below to change the drive letter that was previously assigned to drive instant mobile handset installed to USB or Firewire disk, or disk. Or if the users wish, can choose to delete all reference to the drives detected by the device so that when the storage device is inserted again, the assignment of the letter of the drive everything is beginning to cool and clean.

    1. Connecting to Windows as administrator. Open the registry editor by typing regedit in the command worked with the start menu and then press enter. And navigate to the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices

    2. Optionally not necessarily, those in Windows XP or you click to step later, right on MountedDevices, and select you afterwards authorizations. They can also on authorizations from the menu security. Optionally necessarily, those in Windows XP or more highly, you do not activate step the option, in order to guarantee that administrators full control for the Registry keys. Change and again this attitude, if you are finished with the putting of the steps back.

    3. If you run as soon as more than 2 points nell'OS Windows Xp, surrenders regedt32.exe and run regedit.exe.

    4. Also in key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ MountedDevices branch of the selected registry, in the right panel, looks for and looks for a value of the Registry that represents afflicted unit USB or FireWire. The registry key must have the name that resembles the form of \ DosDevice \ F: where F can be any letter of the alphabet that corresponds to its physical system unit letter.

    5. Once the correct registry value is determined (for example, \DosDevices\F: ), right click on the registry value name, and the select Rename.

    6. Change the drive letter to another unused drive letter that is not covered by another other drives have been used, then you press enter. Now put a clog inside the USB or the Feuerwarndrahtvorrichtung in the harbor again. The drive letter for the USB and FireWire should now appear and you can drive normally and properly use again.

    7. For DC that parent is then Windows XP, who you rather all that closes the authorisations for the register key, Regedit.exe and Regedt32.exe, and just authorisations start to the previous institution for administrators.

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    Re: How to change or delete USB drive name

    It is also possible to simply delete the registry keys of the devices instead of renaming. Deletion is helpful if the users really cannot find the registry value for the drive letter that is showing the problem. But you should make sure that you are creating a backup for the registry branch by exporting the key MountedDevices because the error may cause your system unbootable. Canceling all possible USB drives, FireWire drives and external drives which have drive letter temporarily only when they are inserted into the system, and do not remove the registry value fixed hard disk drives or one of the drives Optical CD / DVD.

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