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Thread: Tips to Lock a USB with BitLocker

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    Tips to Lock a USB with BitLocker

    By using the Feature of BitLocker of Windows Vista or Windows 7 you can lock drive or USB to protect your files. This feature provide a enhance security options to the user's. With BitLocker you can encrypt your drive, USB, etc so that you can only you can access it. It work great to protect your data if your USB is stolen or lost.
    Steps to Encrypt your USB :
    1. Plug in your USB drive. Open My computer.
    2. Right Click on the USB drive and select Turn on BitLocker.
    3. Tick on Use a password to unlock the dirve. Click on Next.
    4. Now if you want you can back your recovery. If you forget the password, then also you can get your data by this feature.
    5. Click Next and Select Start Encrypting.
    6. And now your drive is protected.
    7. Now if you plug your usb and click on the drive to open in my computer window will pop-up for the password
    8. Type the password, and BitLocker To Go Reader window will appear. From this you can extract your data.

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    Re: Tips to Lock a USB with BitLocker

    You can also use the following USB Encryption Software to Lock USB Drive
    • Truecrypt - TrueCrypt is open-source disk encryption software
    • USB Lock - Block or allow Removable Drives
    • FreeOTFE - ree encryption program that can be used for USB drives and PCs.
    • Rohos Mini Drive - free program that allows you to create an encrypted partition on the USB flash drive

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