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Thread: How to Capture an image on Mac OSX

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    How to Capture an image on Mac OSX

    To take a screenshot on Mac OS X, there are several solutions.

    The first is to simultaneously press the keys "apple" + "Shift" + "3" (above the letters and not the numeric keypad). A PDF file (with "image") is automatically created on the desktop.

    To capture a portion of the screen, press the keys "apple" + "Shift" + "4". The mouse cursor turns into a cross. Maintaining the mouse button pressed, the location of the screen to save. When you release the button, a PDF file is created on the desktop.

    To keep a snapshot of the screen to the clipboard, add the "Ctrl", eg "Apple" + "Shift" + "Ctrl" + "3".

    Finally, a utility screenshot is also available. Unroll Go / Applications / Utilities / Capture. Then select the Capture menu / selection or screen. You can save in Tiff format via the menu File / Save As.

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    Re: How to Capture an image on Mac OSX

    Wow!! thank you so much MACY. I was looking for this feature in my Macbook Pro from such a long time but was unable to find it anywhere. I have been using the Windows OS from long back and it was provided with the Print Screen button to capture images, thus simplifying the job. But the MAC doesn't provide with anything like this, which caused more troubles. Anyways finally you have provided me with the tips, i will be able to get screen shoots in my Macbook pro.

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