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Thread: How to Install and Upgrade to a New Operating System on BlackBerry

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    How to Install and Upgrade to a New Operating System on BlackBerry

    Hi all, here's how to install a new OS.

    Note : The updating of an OS just lets you have the latest version of the software on your BlackBerry. It does not allow to get rid of boot logos of the operator, or the operator of the simlock.

    1. First of all, make a backup of your device.
    Simple, run the DM, select Backup and Restore, and Save ...

    To make a backup of your applications, follow the tutorial done here

    2. Then you should download the OS on the BlackBerry site, any operator of any ... (or download a server (many links are rested on this forum).

    The OS is a file. Exe, so it must obviously be installed on the PC.

    3. Before starting the DM, then you must delete the file Vendor.xml limiting the OS has the original operator ....
    On XP it is in My Computer => C: => Program Files => Common Files => Research In Motion => AppLoader => vendor.xml file, right click => delete.
    On Vista it is located in Computer => C: => Programs => Common Files => Research In Motion => AppLoader ...

    4. Restart the Desktop Manager, or open it to the end of the installation.

    If the Download manager does not update, click Application Loader and follow the instructions.

    5. At the end of the update, the BB will reboot itself and reboot can be very long (30 minutes) ... It was to be patient, Do not unplug the BB, if you end up with a phone without OS (error 507).

    6. Then to get your SMS, MMS, Mail, Address Book etc ... click Backup and Restore and RESTORE.

    7. You can also retrieve your applications, if you have lost, and if you have previously saved in 1 bis of this tutorial.

    The updating of an OS can be done on a Mac in Bootcamp or VMWare / Parallels Desktop. However, some precautions should be taken on the management of devices.

    In addition, it would seem that since the Curve 8900, updates from the Virtualization solutions do not work, forcing them to go through BootCamp.

    Alternative: Instead of step 4 where you have to launch the DM, you can simply run the Loader.exe file that is in the same directory as the file Vendor.xml and follow the signs ... Do not forget of course the first steps to safeguard your phone (2 backups are better than one.).

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    Re: How to back up your applications before updating

    Here is a tutorial to make a complete backup of your applications, allowing you to be able to resettle peacefully after an upgrade, for example, without needing to find all the files. Jad. Alx etc ...

    1. To perform this backup, you obviously need a version of DM. These versions can be found here for version 4.7 of the MD and ICI for version 4.6 of the Download Manager.

    2. Go to the "Wizard of change terminal", choose "Third-party applications only" and click "Next." Do not return to the left or there is New PIN etc ...

    The backup will be done. Depending on the number of applications it will be more or less long, but should not last too long.

    3. Once completed, a new window will begin asking for the PIN of your new device. Do nothing and do not click Cancel!

    Simply reduce the DM and do a Windows search on your PIN code number of the device

    4. Once the file is found, copy it and paste it on your desktop (or My Documents). Inside there is a file called VOTRE_PIN.alx, it's this that contains all your applications.
    It should be: C:\Documents and Settings\Custom\Local Settings\Temp\"votrePIN"\PIN.ALX CODE

    To reinstall them once the update done, simply go to the DM, in the "Application Loader" and point to that file!

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