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Thread: Setting the prefetch

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    Setting the prefetch

    Prefetch is a service that allows XP to monitor the programs commonly used to load faster. It is possible, refining this setting, focus speed boot, load applications, or both.

    Run regedit
    Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM\ CurrentControlSet\ Control \ Session Manager \ Memory Management\ PrefetchParameters
    Enter the desired value for the DWORD key EnablePrefetcher (see below)
    Rebooter le PC Reboot the PC

    Here are the possible values for the key EnablePrefetcher:
    -0: prefetch disabled
    -1: prefetch enabled for applications
    -2: prefetch enabled on boot
    -3: prefetch enabled for boot and application (default)

    The value 3 is the default. It is also recommended by Microsoft. The values that are of interest to optimize the machine are 1 and 2.During my tests, EnablePrefetcher to 2 gives the best results (obtaining of a gain to boot without slowing the loading of applications compared to the default value). A value of 1 to speed up boot and load applications.

    You determine your setting according to your configuration to emphasize the speed of boot and / or launch applications. Some forum members prefer to use 1 and others 2. However, the two settings provide a real gain.

    Finally, to appreciate the speed increase, think well defragment your disks.

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    Re: Setting the prefetch

    Hello. I have one question. My system tells me that every time I boot up that the Prefetch files are being deleted. I tried every thing to fix the prob. but I can not. Could anyone help me. Thank You , Keith

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