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Thread: Change Default USB Pen Drive Drive Icon

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    Change Default USB Pen Drive Drive Icon

    Aren't we got bored of the same icon when we connect a pendrive to the PC ? Want to change it to some interesting is a small tip to do so:-

    1. Before start the process, you need an Icon image file in .ico format

    2. Insert your USB Pen Drive and open it.

    3. Create a Notepad file in it and write in the following values:
    Lable =(name)
    4. Here Label is the name of the drive and Icon refers to the name of your icon file.

    5. Save it and then rename it to “autorun.inf”.

    6. Ensure that autorun and ico files are present in the drive all time (you may also hide them).

    Thats it.. The drive will show the new icon when you insert it the next time.

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    Re: Change Default USB Pen Drive Drive Icon

    Hey... thats interesting !!! Thanks for the tip

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    Re: Change Default USB Pen Drive Drive Icon

    I tried it and it is working and looks great... Thanks

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