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Thread: How to solve problems of IE8 installation or slowness

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    How to solve problems of IE8 installation or slowness

    For most users, the installation of IE8 was very smooth. And for the majority of them, know IE8 shows no anomaly: the browser is largely stable and faster than its previous editions. However, many users seem to encounter problems of installation, or a problem of slow once the browser, or operating errors on the accelerator and Web Slices. Here's how to solve them.

    If you experience problems installing IE8, try the following:

    - First, make sure your machine is healthy. Run MSRT using this link.
    Possibly do a "complete analysis" using this link.

    - Make sure you are running Windows XP SP2 or SP3, or on Vista SP1. Attention, IE8 does not work with the Beta or RC service pack. We must use the final versions. Ideally, Windows XP should be in SP3.

    - Remember to turn off your antivirus and antispyware before starting the installation of IE8. Some indeed block the update of system files that make up IE8.

    - If you get an error message during installation, download and run the tool reset rights following this link.

    If you have problems running IE8:

    - If the search bar in the page ([Ctrl] + [F]) is blank when you call, open a command prompt (in Vista has open with the right button in "Administrator") and enter orders (by validating each line with [Enter]):
    REGSVR32 Oleacc.dll

    - If IE8 is very slow at startup, make sure you have not enabled mode immunize Spybot (if you have this utility on the PC). It saturates the list of trusted sites for IE8.

    - If IE8 is very slow to start, try to verify that the problem is not related to the extensions installed on the PC. Press [Windows] + [R], type "iexplore.exe-extoff" (without the quotes) and click OK.

    - If IE8 is running slow or unusually unstable, open a command prompt (in Vista you must open in administrator mode by clicking the right button and selecting "Run as administrator") and enter the following commands (validate each line with [Enter]):
    REGSVR32 actxprxy.dll

    Then restart your PC.

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    Re: How to solve problems of IE8 installation or slowness

    - If the bubbles accelerators and Web Slices do not work on your version of IE8, try the following:
    • Run only one instance of Internet Explorer
    • Go to the Tools menu
    • Select Internet Options
    • Open the Advanced tab
    • Click on the Reset button
    • Select "Delete personal settings"
    • Click Reset
    • Close IE8

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