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Thread: Create your own Google Chrome theme

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    Create your own Google Chrome theme

    Google`s browser Chrome is maybe one of the most downloaded software nowadays, because it’s developed by Google and it has that unique flavor of quality that makes it great. Although "Chrome" doesn't provide any way to change its theme but you can install custom themes and even you can create your own themes.All Chrome UI files are stored in a single file "default.dll". So you just need to edit this file to create your own theme.Google Chrome theme with a little knowledge of Photoshop and a few clicks.

    So here is a step-by-step tutorial to create custom themes in Google Chrome:-

    1. First you'll need to find this "default.dll" file to replace or edit it. Type following string in RUN dialog box and press Enter:
    local settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application
    Windows Vista users can also type "appdata" in RUN or Startmenu Search box and press enter, then navigate to "local\Google\Chrome\Application".

    2. It'll open a folder containing Chrome files.

    3. Now when you are in "Application" folder using 1st step, navigate to "\Themes" folder. That's it, you'll find the "default.dll" file in this folder:

    4. First take a backup of this file before replacing or editing it, so that you can restore it if you want to get the default look back.

    5. Now open this file in "Resource Tuner" and expand "BINDATA" folder.

    6. Under this folder, you can replace the existing PNG files with your custom PNG files. Create your own PNG image with same dimensions using Photoshop, Gimp, etc. and then replace existing PNG in the "default.dll" file with your one.

    To replace the existing PNG file with your custom one, select the PNG file in Resource Tuner and then press "Ctrl+Shift+E", it'll open another window asking for your own resource file. Press "Ctrl+O" and browse to your own PNG file, select it and click on "Open" button and then click on "OK" button.

    When you have replaced all desired resources, save the file and you have done.Since Chrome supports PNG files, there are lots of possibilities for theme creators to put transparency in their themes.

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    Re: Create your own Google Chrome theme

    Chrome themes can be make even with the help of some softwares like

    unzip the files from into a folder called “theme files” (for example) and also extract all the other programs in this folder. Make sure that gorc and reshacker are not in or separated folders in the root folder.

    Now open Themer.exe and you’ll see some interesting things. You have the option to search for the theme path. Click search, a box will show up and click “yes” if you don’t know where Google Chrome’s theme is, then the software will automatically find it. Normally the theme is located in.

    C:\Documents and Settings\Your User\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\Latest version\Themes\
    and it has the name default.dll.

    After you’ve successfully found the location you can begin editing, testing and building a new default.dll (a new Chrome theme).

    For example when you go with your mouse cursor hover the elements in the image it will show you their name. You can either click on the elements and it will open you a folder with the png files or you can remember the names and go in the “theme files” folder and you’ll find a bunch of folders that contain png files.

    For starters you should open all the image files with Adobe Photoshop and change the hue/saturation or you can just apply a gradient over them as an overlay or lighten layer. Save all files and overwrite theme with a .png extension, then press the “build” button in themer.exe and voila, you have a new Google Chrome theme.

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    Re: Create your own Google Chrome theme

    Well, I think I must say this. Chromium Theme Creator has been updated yesterday and now can create themes for newer version of Chrome, yes the development version, but also creates themes for older beta releases.

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    Re: Create your own Google Chrome theme

    Hey.. nice tutorial guys... Thanks for sharing this useful info...

    The just a reason why i was not using chrome was i cant change theme, but you all made that .!!

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    Re: Create your own Google Chrome theme

    The "\Themes" doesn't even work, Computer Freak(thats your username). And the FlashX, the GoRC.exe already dissappeared from the web.
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