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Thread: Ways To Reduce Noise Level of Home PC

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    Ways To Reduce Noise Level of Home PC

    The noise a loud computer makes shatters the calmness of a quiet office, makes it hard to concentrate, and is just plain annoying. You can reduce the sound of your computer with a few small changes and go from feeling like you are standing on an airport tarmac to sitting in a quiet and calm environment.

    Here are some tips to make noise level low:-

    Replace The Fan

    The first and most important way to reduce the noise level in your home PC is to replace the fan in the computer.The first fan that I try to replace is the fan attached to the computer case. You can easily buy computer fans for a cheap price and replace them. The CPU fan is something I recommend you do not touch, in case you affect the CPU. But if you're convinced the CPU fan is going a lot of noise, you can also buy a replacement CPU fan as well.

    Get A Better Processor

    Now, another way to reduce the noise level in your home PC is to get a better processor. This might sound weird, but the truth is that when your CPU is slow, it causes lots of other components to chug along, especially the hard drive. That in turn causes heat build up, which forces fans to spin faster, creating more noise. So get a better CPU and reduce the heat and fan noise in your PC.

    Place The PC In A Cool Place

    I'm surprised at how many home PCs get placed in hot environments, e.g. next to a window, or near the TV. Remember, one good way to reduce the noise level in your home PC is to place the PC in a cool environment. When you do that, you reduce heat build up in the machine and prevent the fans from whirring too much to keep the PC cool. As a result, your home PC will emit less noise.

    I hope it works for you all. Computing at home shouldn't need to be noisy and irritating - follow the tips above to ensure you've a nice, peaceful environment to do your computer tasks.

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    Re: Ways To Reduce Noise Level of Home PC

    The most common cause of a loud computer is the cooling system. Most computers utilize multiple fans to keep the computer running cool. There is generally a small fan covering the processor on the motherboard, a larger exhaust fan on the power supply and sometimes an exhaust fan that helps pull hot air away from the motherboard and internal components. Some computers may have multiple internal fans placed around the motherboard. Some even have fans built into their video cards.

    Replacing any or all of these fans with high quality fans will help reduce or eliminate the noise. Generally buzzing sounds or scraping sounds are a sign that one or more of the fans is bent or damaged.

    Replacing these fans can eliminate these irritating sounds while increasing the cooling capabilities of them. When replacing the power supply fan, it isn't possible to replace just the fan; rather the whole power supply needs to be replaced.

    The other fans can be bought and replaced easily. Many computer makers and electronics stores offer these fans and offer installation of the parts at a decent price.

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    Re: Ways To Reduce Noise Level of Home PC

    One can try this steps as well for the same.

    Slide back the side panel of your tower and using a can of compressed air blow out the dust that has accumulated inside.

    Using a Q-tip clean left over residue from the fan. Replace the panel and enjoy.

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    Re: Ways To Reduce Noise Level of Home PC

    Very helpful tutorial for the desktop users.. Its the problem with many of the users..

    Thank you fo sharing this guys, !!

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