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Thread: Windows Vista product activation

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    Windows Vista product activation

    Sometimes you need a new product to set up in Vista. In this tweak you let me see how you your product quickly and can re-activate Vista.
    1. Go to the Start menu and type "cmd" in search. Enter below. If you have classic start menu go to "run", type "cmd" and enter it.
    2. Now type "slmgr.vbs-IPK Your new product"
    3. If you do this you can immediately re-activate Windows "slmgr.vbs-ato 'typing.

    For more information about, for example, the expiry date of the current license, you can simply "slmgr.vbs" types. You get a screen with various commands you can use (see below).

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    Re: Windows Vista product activation

    In itself a very useful tool for your License to your windows. Only that I personally was a little shocked that this is user level possible.

    That reading is possible at user level. Can someone confirm if you get a popup to the application as administrator to perform at the time you remove or replace a key? Because if it does not we might have a large security hole in Vista detected. Because it is of course wait until abuse is made of and all his license is removed by any worm.

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    Re: Windows Vista product activation

    By reading on user level, you get only the first few digits of your license code to see both DLI-as-DLV. At the administrator level also, so simple even extract the product with this tweak is not there.

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    Re: Windows Vista product activation

    I just tested and got no UAC message when I removed my license.
    However Windows 7 here, but all the tweaks vista works here too.

    If I do go to system, there is still that my installation is activated.

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