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Thread: Detect Virus With More Antivirus Engines

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    Detect Virus With More Antivirus Engines

    Virus detection and its removal are generally applied with the help of an antivirus program which helps you to detect virus files and programs inside your computer system and then try to remove or repair the virus related problem. But this tip which i am going to give you now will help you to scan your computer system even if you don't have any antivirus program installed in your computer system. You are also able to specific a file for virus, malware, worms and trojans at your computer system still if you have not loaded any antivirus protection program in your computer system.

    VirusTotal is a free online service that helps you to have a fast scan of your computer in order to detect virus program, malware, worms and trojans. VirusTotal will help you to analyze your computer system files with the help of multiple antivirus engines. VirusTotal is actually not a proper excuse for installed antivirus program, as this online service will help you to work only when you are actually connected to internet.

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    Re: Detect Virus With More Antivirus Engines

    Initially visit VirusTotal site to start scan process.

    As you can see, Below the "Upload the file" section, just click on browse button in order to choose the virus affected file and and then press "Send File" button.

    Now VirusTotal will utilize some time for uploading your file which actually depends upon the file size and internet speed you are accessing from.

    It will start scanning process in order to scan affected file.

    It will now use some time for scanning the affected file with the help of using latest antivirus updated version and will display you a detailed results from each antivirus engine with statistics.

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    Re: Detect Virus With More Antivirus Engines


    The site will initially upload the file that means it will access your data. So you have to be cautious while uploading any file for virus scan as if any private data can be accessed by this site while uploading. So make sure you are not providing the site to upload private and important data.

    Do comment regarding this site and share it with all

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