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Thread: Configure your Computer to Accept VPN Connections in Windows 7

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    Re: Configure your Computer to Accept VPN Connections in Windows 7

    I don't think it's what im looking for. I'm using an administrator user as my VPN user and it still looses VPN incoming connection on reboot.

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    Re: Configure your Computer to Accept VPN Connections in Windows 7

    For doing this configurations you need to follow below mentioned step by step process:
    1. Go to Start->Control Panel->Network and Internet Connections->Network Connections.
    2. Then select Create a new connection option.
    3. Choose Next option and hit Connect for network at my workplace, and select Next.
    4. Select Virtual Private Network connection option, & hit Next.
    5. Enter descriptive name and choose Next option.
    6. Select "Do not dial the initial connection" option, and hit Next.
    7. Enter host name, IP address and hit Next.
    8. Select next option that work to allow the connection available to anyone or only administrator.
    9. Finally select Next and choose Finish option.

    This is simple process that works to configure your VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection with this Windows 7 computer system.

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