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Thread: Check Unread Mails In Gmail

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    Check Unread Mails In Gmail

    As in general email services providers,w e usually check the emails by opening it. We don't have any other alternative inorder to view the contents of an email by opening it. It's same with gmail. Right?

    No Wrong? Gmail Provides you the facility in order to view a email or the contents of the email without opening it. Generally this features arenot available in all the email service providers, but gmail does provide it. Also there are to ways to view the particular email contents without opening that particular email.

    Check out both the methods given below:

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    Re: Check Unread Mails In Gmail

    Here are some of the easier tricks in order to view Unread mails in Gmail:

    In yahoo mail, there is a simpler way to view all unread mails with just a single click. In Gmail, its a little long process but the solution is guaranteed.

    Check out the two small tricks in order to view unread mails in Gmail:

    You have to just type in the search box, type label:unread. It will display all Unread mails.

    Another method is also provided below:

    If you feel the previous method is a bit boring, then follow this method to view unread mails in gmail.

    Try to create a label with any name your like which can be easily excepted by the system specified names such as unread, read, inbox, etc.

    Try to mark all Unread mails by just clicking Unread

    Then try to click on ‘More actions’ and also apply the label you have just created.

    Keep in mind that if you have some unread mails in the next pages also then, you have to perform same procedure for all other pages.

    YOu can alos keep number of mails per page to 100 as to make things a more easier.

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    Re: Check Unread Mails In Gmail

    I hope this trick will reduce a lot of work as many of us recieve many emails a day; so this will be definitely a helpful trick for you also

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