After the removal of some graphics card drivers, sound card etc ... via the utility to add or remove programs windows, there may be trace amounts of these drivers. So, Driver cleaner is a program that will completely remove the drivers for your choice of system.

Download and install Driver Cleaner
Get the archive of the software on the download page as follows: Download Driver Cleaner.

Unzip the archive obtained with your favorite decompression software or via right-click on the archive / "Extract All". You will get a new folder containing two text files, and a license information file and the installer program DCProSetup.exe

Double-click it to start the installation and click Next and then Finish Install", leaving the default until the end of the installation.

Using Driver cleaner
The software is best done in Safe Mode. Double-click the shortcut icon "Driver Cleaner Pro" which has normally created on the desktop or run the software via the Windows Start menu / all programs / Driver Cleaner. In Windows Vista, right-click / "Run as administrator".

A warning pop-up warns you to follow the detailed instrcutions not have any problem with the software.

We must now choose from the dropdown list the type of driver to "clean". Simply choose ATI for example if you have a graphics card with an ATI or Nvidia chipset if you have a graphics card with Nvidia chipset.

Once the driver is selected click on "Start" to begin the cleanup, a popup asks for confirmation "Continue with cleaning: Yes

When cleaning is finished close the application with the button "Close".

You do more than trace your video driver from ATI / Nvidia and you can install your new driver for an update of the version or change the graphics card if you wanted to do ...