The new version of Safari makes some very spectacular ergonomic innovations, particularly in view the history of sites visited a "Cover Flow" or provide access and visual 3D to your favorites. Among other findings of Apple, it must also report a new management tab that moves them to the top of the window. One option that may disturb the habits of many users ...

By moving the tab bar on the top edge of the window, Apple took the risk not only to divert most of the users of previous versions of Safari, but also users of other browsers on the market (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera ).

Fortunately, there is a hidden option to reduce the tab bar in a more classical and less disruptive. This requires editing the file "PLIST" preference in Safari. To do this, you need a file editor PLIST.

- Download and install the editor "plist Editor".

- Run the program

- Open the File menu and select Open

- Navigate to the folder:
XP: "C:\Documents and Settings\LOGIN\Application Data\Apple Computer\Preferences"
VISTA: "C:\Users\Login\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\Preferences"

(Replace LOGIN with your user login)

- Select the file named: COM.APPLE.SAFARI.PLIST

- The XML file is then displayed on the screen.

- Under the line, insert the following two lines:

- Open the File menu and select Save.

- Leave "plist Editor".

- Back in Safari 4 and open multiple tabs to verify that the change had been taken into account.