Speed up Windows 7 using registry tweak-included :

1. If you are applying some themes in Windows 7 or replacing any file by patching , we need to take the ownership of some particular files registry. This registry tweak adds take ownership option to Windows 7 context menu . So its make s easy for you to apply the recent tips , tricks and hacks on Windows 7.

2. Tweaks and speed your Windows 7 context menus and sub menus .

3. Disables unwanted messages in Windows 7 .

4. Adds copy to and move to option in Windows 7 right click menu .

5. When compatibility issues occur or when a software is crashed in Windows 7 , these registry tweaks speeds up the closing time.

6. Speeds up Windows 7 by disabling network printers and scheduled tasks on Windows .

7. Removes the search in internet option that comes along when any unknown file type is opened in Windows 7 .

8. Improves the overall response time of menus , tabs and other Windows 7 components .

Download Registry Tweaks For Windows 7