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Thread: Security Tests For Computer

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    Security Tests For Computer

    Generally when we talk about computers, the first thing what strucks our mind is the question of security. We all are very much concerned about the security level provided by us to our computer system. But Is there any way to test this? Is it possible to check whether the security is working in a right direction. Can we really test the security for our Computer. The answer is yes.

    Unless you computer is not disturbed by any virus or spyware, you have a second thought that your computer security level is better and high as your computer gets infected it's very late add measures on it. So if you are thinking that you do have the best Internet security, then you should go for some Internet Security Tests :

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    Re: Security Tests For Computer

    • PopUp Blocker Test:

    Popup test is the most complete way for you to test your popup blocking software. Your popup blocker will be given a series of tests that range from your standard popup to very complex popups that will slip by most popular ad blockers.

    The average visitor will want to perform the standard popup test. To get started, simply choose your free popup blocker test from the options below.

    • Firewall Test:

    If you're new to computer security, then this Firewall Test is for you. This test will check your computer for ports that are commonly left open. Open ports could allow your computer to be compromised. This firewall test will also check for open ports known to be used by Viruses and Trojans.

    If you are the typical home computer user surfing the net, you should not find any open ports. If you do find open ports, we'll show you how to lock down your system.

    • Firewall Leak Tester Test:

    Nowadays, threats from the Internet are growing, both from the inside and the outside.
    To answer to a security need from Internet users (us), security software firms have created "personal firewalls", softwares acting like real hardware firewalls, but on user's computers.
    These personal firewalls have network level filtering, that we will name "network filtering", and an outbound application filtering that we will name "software filtering".

    Due to the fact that most of these personal firewalls offer reasonable protection against inbound attacks coming from the Internet, we will only study here their software filtering, outbound filtering that can be stressed by Trojans which try to initiate themselves by connecting to the outside to transmit data out.

    • Browser Security Check:

    This test will check your Browser Security. If you have good browser like Mozilla Firefox you will surely pass this test.

    • Online Port Scan Test:

    This test will make a scan of all your Open Ports.

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    Re: Security Tests For Computer

    I think this test will really help you and your computer. Please let me know how did you find the article and do share with all your friends and colleagues

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