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Thread: Disable Error Report From Micorsoft

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    Disable Error Report From Micorsoft

    It's always a senario when you have problem with application failing to start. Or sometimes when your computer get's a sudden reboot or it get's shutdown due to some technical error. The thing here to understand is whenever such situation occurs it natural that when you start your computer next time it provides you with a mesaage saying that Send Error Message to Microsoft.
    The other option is don't send. Many of us tend to choose either of these, but at such situation you really don't understand what to do and can this message be ignored. Is this message truely a problem od difficulty.

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    Re: Disable Error Report From Micorsoft

    It's really annoying to handle "Send Error Report to Microsoft" message each time an application gets crashed. And you recieve similar message even when your operating system is been recovered from some serious or critical disturbances.

    To send an error report is also an important thing as you are doing it for betterment of your computer. The more error reports Microsoft receives for a defifnite problem, there are more chances that the problem will be fixed. But if you are troubled by a problem which keeps on appearing and you just want to ignore it or disable this error message appearing, you are able to turn off error reporting message so it will not prompt you again by performing simple steps given below:

    Click Start.
    Right click on My Computer
    And then click on Properties.
    At the Advanced tab, click Error Reporting.
    Then click Disable Error Reporting and then clear the notify me when critical errors occur check box, as shown in Image.

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    Re: Disable Error Report From Micorsoft

    For many users this will work wonders. So Share it with your friends and colleagues and do comment about this article

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