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Thread: Access Sharing Data Offline

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    Access Sharing Data Offline


    When we are in a network, we require variuos data and files from computers available in the same network. But generally it is only possible when you are online or the computer the user using should be online. But do you know that you can access sharing files from other computer when you are offline.

    You can access the shared data offline which will allow you to use your shared files, folders and software programs also when you are disconnected from the server. When you try to reconnect to server, all files will then be synchronized on the network.

    The basic two configurations needed to set the access shared files offline is one for server and other for user computer.

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    Re: Access Sharing Data Offline

    Initially locate the folders which you want to share or create new folders and then make it as shared folders inorder to access to any one on the network.

    Right click on that particular folder and then click on the option "Sharing and Security".

    A message will appear on the screen saying data properties. Below the Sharing option, try to select the check box and then make it as Share this folder on the network below the Network sharing and security.

    Try to set share level permissions as to give a users every folder. Also enable the cache option to share folder by just clicking on the cache button as by default it will be enabled.

    On the user computer, initially open My Computer and then click on Tools.

    Inside Tools menu bar, just click on Folder Options, a message will appear with the name Folder Options.

    Below the Offline File tab, just check the option Enable Offline File. In this you are able to choose the synchronization process by "Synchronize all offline files when logging on", "Synchronize all offline files before logging off" and all other option avialble as per.

    Just click on apply in order to save the settings and then select Ok button to close window. Being on the user computer, try to access the shared folder from the server.

    Initially right click on the shared folder and then click on Make available offline option. You can also synchronize the offline work from user computer to server, as again opening My Computer and then by clicking on Tools. Try to click on Synchronize and then select click on synchronizing button.

    After this server and then try to make an access to shared folders by giving the UNC (Universal Naming Convention) path server. But this will be only accessible on wether the server is down or working.

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    Re: Access Sharing Data Offline

    I guess i have reduced an ample amount complication of network users as well as users working on network. Let me know your thoughts on this article and i will come with some of more such interesting facts later

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    Re: Access Sharing Data Offline

    To what way that Synchronize take place...Sever to client or Client to server or according to the modification time or what,
    For example i am setting up manual Synchronize scenario between sever and client PC. when sever not available time iam doing some modification to the file and save, when sever is available that particular change is take place of the sever file also..isnt? it happen i thing based on modification time..)
    please explain me to how it Synchronizing based on..? it would be much more complex when that file use several users...))) please explain me

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