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Thread: How To UNDO Close TAB In Google Chrome ?

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    How To UNDO Close TAB In Google Chrome ?

    Hello , I have Got used To these Features And i Found it Really useful in opera I think this is one of the important feature, when i close a tab by mistake i can Right click and select to 'Undo close tab' it remembers all tabs from this session, its a million times better then history as it opens it in the same state it was when closed meaning you can go back pages as if you didn't close the tab at all. obviously i would recommend this feature In google Chrome But cant seem To find It Please help Thanks

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    Re: How To UNDO Close TAB In Google Chrome ?

    If you are Firefox user, sometime you could have closed accidentally a tab, but Firefox has the handy “undo close tab” function (right mouse click on the tab bar) to reopen the closed tab. On Google Chrome, this function does exist but it is a little tricky to find And It Is really Simple Just Press these key Simultaneously

    Ctrl + Shift + T

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    Re: How To UNDO Close TAB In Google Chrome ?

    Hello, Another Ways of doing that is With the New Tab Page: Open a new tab then go to Recently Closed Tabs section in the lower-right of the page. There, you will see the last 3 tabs that were recently closed (during the ongoing browser session)

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