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Thread: How to Change Default Font in Word 2007 ?

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    How to Change Default Font in Word 2007 ?

    We do use Microsoft Office at regular intervals in our daily life. We use Microsoft Word and thus uses font option in order to give a better look and make it presentable the topic or the article we are making.

    But do you know that you can change the default font and can use more options instead of using the same old font.

    Basically as we know that the default font in Microsoft Word is Times Roman Numeral and we as a regular user of Microsoft Office are using it at a very extensive scale. In Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft has provided a brilliant and fancy option for changing the default font and make it as more smooth and curvy just as Calibri.

    I can make you sure that if you try it you will definitely like it. But majority of us just does not want it to look nice and designable for users like us who do follow MLA standards i.e Modern Language Translation for formatting and style.

    Then for such user's you can change the default font in Word so that you don’t have to change it manually every time at your start up the program.

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    Re: How to Change Default Font in Word 2007 ?

    Procedure For changing Default Font in Word:

    1. Go to Start and then All Programs and then select Microsoft OFFICE 2007 and then click on Word 2007 and see to it that you have the default Home ribbon.
    2. If you are able to view the Font section which is been placed at second from the far left.
    3. Just click on the small arrow given at the bottom right of that box.

    4. Doing this will provide you with the full font configuration dialog box.
    5. Now you can make changes or any of the settings associated with a particular font which also includes the options such as character spacing and effects.

    6. If you see at the bottom, you will be having a type of the button Default.
    7. Now make the change in the options such as font, font style, size and other effects which you would desire in the settings and now click the Default button in order to set the options as the default which will be used by you as a user whenever you will start a new Microsoft Word document.
    8. The following message will appear on your screen when you press the button:
    9. Making a change in any default setting in Microsoft Word 2007 is as similar as simply saving those changes in the normal template mode.
    10. A special Microsoft Word file is used as the base file for all new documents.

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    Re: How to Change Default Font in Word 2007 ?

    So how was the small tip regarding the Microsoft Office 2007 Font change.
    I hope this will help you a lot in your Word document work and you will like the concept too.

    Please let me know your views regarding this concept.

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