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Thread: NotePad Easter Eggs

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    NotePad Easter Eggs

    First One :
    • Open Notepad.
    • Type any 4 words of which the 1st word should consist of 4 alphabets, second and third words of 3 alphabets and fourth word of 5 alphabets. [Example : "Bush hid the facts" without the quotes or "dare you ate those"]
    • Save it and Close it
    • Re-open it.

    You will see that Bush really hid the facts! It treats the data an unicode symbols!

    Second One :

    • Open Notepad, type ".LOG" without quotes.
    • Save the file.
    • Now Each time you open it, the current time and date will be logged into the document!

    If Anybody know Any more Easter Eggs Do post!
    Have Fun!

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    Re: NotePad Easter Eggs

    Hey thats really cool thing man!
    I really wonder how this happens with notepad files?

    1. Are those words really gets converted in Unicode & if yes then how & why?
    As it happened at my end.


    2. It really generates the time for (.LOG) Don't forget the caps!
    Even each time you open & close the file it records the time.
    IF YOU CAN'T Convince THEM ...


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    Re: NotePad Easter Eggs

    I don't know what make notepad do such! but try this. copy the unicode symbols and paste it in Microsoft Word! You will see some chinese symbols! i don't know chinese so i don't know what those word means! But when i translated the chinese with google translator what i got is this "Knocking on our礠Lang Ying朠" Thats funny!!

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    Re: NotePad Easter Eggs

    ya ...That Amazing...Some times log means some keyword related to that..) )

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