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Thread: How to Export a table from a PDF File into an Excel Sheet

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    How to Export a table from a PDF File into an Excel Sheet


    I know you would life to have a table which is already there in you pdf file to file sheet.Instead typing all those data again you would think is there any way where you can export your pdf file table to excel sheet.

    For that you need to follow the steps:-

    1. In Adobe Acrobat 5.0, open the PDF document,because it is very simple
    2. From the main toolbar, Select the Table/Formatted Text Select Tool.
    3. Select the table that you would like to export by clicking and selecting a box around the table.

      • Right click within the box and you will see a menu window will come up.
      • See that table option is checked in this window.
      • Select Save As from this window .

    4. Select a file in which to save your table, and type a name for the file containing your table. In the Save As Type window select ANSI Text (*.txt) and click on Save.
    5. Now minimize Adobe Acrobat 5.0 and open Excel.

      • In Excel, select File -> Open.
      • In the Open window, make sure under Files of Type,Text Files is selected. This way you will be able to see your .txt document.
      • Select your table.
      • Select Open.

    6. The Text Import Wizard window will appear.

      • Observe the Preview of File window. View the entire table by scrolling to the bottom of the file.
      • If the preview of the file looks normal and has the correct formatting throughout the entire file.

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    Re: How to Export a table from a PDF File into an Excel Sheet

    In Text Import Wizard follow below steps:-

    1. Select Delimited.

    2. Select Start import at row: 1

    3. Select File Origin: Windows (ANSI).

    4. Select Next.

    5. The most common tables will have only tab selected for Delimiters.

    6. The options you should choose may be different from table to table so you may want to try different options while viewing the preview of your table.

    7. Once you have done with selecting the best options for your table, select Next.

    8. Adjust the Column Data Format if need be.

    9. Select Finish.

    10. Save your document, Save As Type select Microsoft Excel Workbook. This will give it an .xls extension.

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