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Thread: Optimizing Windows Vista: Clear the paging file at shutdown

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    Optimizing Windows Vista: Clear the paging file at shutdown

    Clear the paging file on each system shutdown

    Tips to speed up and optimize Vista:

    Setting the swap file (from Windows help) Hidden files on the hard disk where Windows stores parts of the program and data files that do not place in memory.

    The paging file and physical memory (or memory or RAM) is the virtual memory. Windows moves data from the paging file to memory depending on its needs and moves data from memory to the paging file where it needs to make room for new data. Also known as paging file.

    The paging file is a mechanism that allows Windows to accommodate the limitations of the PC physical memory. Windows are stored on the hard drive that normally store in RAM. So this file is used to relieve the memory of data that reside in order to make room for new data.

    The problem is that this file can swell and disproportionately negative effects of this obesity, are a result of slowing your system, because the information is necessarily slower. To imagine the thing most easily found a phrase in a book of 200 pages in a book of 600 pages "In addition this file keeping old data may represent a risk because they could be exploited by an attacker.

    This trick will teach you how to tell Windows to clear the paging file at every stop of the system.

    To do this, click Start and in the Search box, type Regedit

    Navigate to the branch
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMemory Management
    and change the value ClearPageFileAtShutdown by making it go from 0 to 1

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    Re: Windows Vista: Clear the paging file at shutdown

    from this it's speed up when shutdown only ..?

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    Re: Windows Vista: Clear the paging file at shutdown

    The paging file acts like additional RAM. If your computer runs out of RAM Windows Vista uses it’s paging file as an alternative to the RAM. Deleting it at shutdown will only save your space on HDD.
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