Whether after a re-installation of Vista or just to duplicate his account, because they are dysfunctional, you can transfer files and settings and return in a few clicks, a nine identical to what we had set, with all their personal files.

Most images are screen shots, because during the transfer process, no other feature is available.

To illustrate this step by step tutorial, I opted for a transfer through an external hard drive.

In a 1st time, it is necessary to create a "Transfer Settings" on the external hard drive.

Re-installation of Vista:

  • We will call "Old computer", the Vista is currently installed and "New computer" on Vista that will be re-installed.

  • Before the re-installation of Vista, you save the settings and files in his account of the old computer.

  • Panel -> Center Backup and Restore -> Transfer files and settings from Windows.

  • The 1st window Transfer Wizard opens. Click "Next". Click on "Start a new transfer". Of course you choose "My Old Computer" .

  • For this example, select "Use a CD, DVD or other removable media". Then click on "external hard drive or a network location"

  • In "Network Location", click "Browse" and select the File Transfer Settings "you just created in the external hard drive. You can also create a password. Click "Next".

  • For this example, I chose "Only my user account, my files and setting.

  • The files and settings to be transferred are listed in "Customize" you can add or exclude files. Click on "Transfer", the procedure begins.

  • A window will open end of the procedure. The files and settings have been saved and are ready to re-install. Click "Close."

  • On the "New Computer" at the re-installation of Vista, it has created a user account.

  • For our example, this account is named "sizel1. It comes in the "Transfer Settings" on the external hard drive

  • You click on the "Save Data", the wizard opens automatically transfer.

  • The window specifies the account that was saved ( "Chantal") and select the account created during the re-installation ( "Chantal11), click on" Next "

  • What will be transferred is detailed, click on "Transfer", the procedure begins. The window displays the end of the procedure.

  • Reboot the PC.

Duplicate user's account:

  • Sometimes the user account that is used, whether standard or administrator, may present deadlock and dysfonctionnemnts.

  • By the method of transfer, you can transfer files and account settings damaged.

  • Before the transfer, of course, creates a new account:
    Panel -> User Accounts -> Manage another account -> Create a new account.

  • For this example, I named "sizel1.

  • Then the transfer procedure is exactly the same as for the re-installation of Vista, except that in this case, it remains on the same operating system Vista.

  • When the transfer was made, we have a brand new user account, blank manipulation, strictly identical to the old one, with personal files and settings.

Note that in the old account ( "Chantal" for example), nothing has changed, the settings and files are still present.

We just have to delete the old corrupt and rename the new one.

I hope this tutorial will help