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Thread: Defective pixel on a flat screen

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    Defective pixel on a flat screen

    You just received a new flat screen? And it includes defective pixels?

    The first is whether they are pixels or pixels, dead or alive:

    • A pixel is the smallest element of an image. It is simply a tiny dot of color among the few million who make up the image. The sub-pixels make up the pixels, in effect, each pixel is composed of three sub-pixels can display 256 colors each; The three assembled can be a point 16'777'216 can display different colors. And finally, by assembling a few million pixels, you get a picture.
    • The defective pixel can be for a lot of reasons (bad welds, bad contact, glue ,....), by elements against it can lead to two consequences:

    1. The pixel is dead: It no longer appears at all, we can see a small black hole in the middle of the other illuminated pixels.
    2. The pixel is strong: It is always on, it generally takes the white except in cases of dysfunction with accumulation of sub-pixels, for example.
    3. For the same reasons, a sub-pixel can be faulty, it will not have the same consequences. And, in theory, unless the three sub-pixels are turned off, in this case is a dead pixel. A sub-pixel black generate only a change of color pixel (since the other two sub-pixels will light).

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    Re: Defective pixel on a flat screen

    It is more difficult to distinguish a sub-pixel dead (or alive), because it is three times smaller than a pixel and does not shut down completely. Nevertheless, with an image of the same color, they are easily identifiable. UdPixel is a program that not only look for sub-pixels or defective pixels but also to correct them if possible.

    To detect them, it is neither more-or-less system mentioned above: The software displays a color image of the entire screen space, we go to the screen to try to detect black pixels ( dead), white (deep) or a wrong color (sub-pixel dead or alive).

    During the repair, UDPixel sends color flashes on the screen to try to resuscitate the defective pixels. Successfully tested on many forums including CCM, he resuscitated 40% of the screens tested during the release of version 1.0.
    It flashes and at intervals set by area of 1 or 10 pixels. It is necessary to operate a few hours.
    Download UdPixel (Windows NT, 2K, 2003, XP) requires Microsoft. Net Framework.

    Note that the manufacturer's warranty does not work if 0.01% or less of the pixels are bad, it's huge. This gives:
    15 "(native resolution 1024x768px) to 78 pixels.
    17 "and 19" (native resolution 1280x1024px) to 130 pixels.
    20 "and 21" (native resolution 1600x1200px) to 192 pixels.
    23 "and 24" (native resolution 1920x1200px) to 230 pixels.

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    Re: Defective pixel on a flat screen

    If your screen has fewer pixels defective indicated above, the manufacturer believes that 99.99% of the device functions normally and can refuse to change it. Well, fortunately, the dealers are not savages, if you have a series of useless pixels in the middle of the screen, it is not obliged to wait for the number of pixels dead battery ;-). Some set a limit, by native resolution, typically between 4 and 20 (saved?) (For screens ranging from 12 inches to 21). But nothing is certain, and the retailer (or manufacturer) was absolutely the right to refuse to change the monitor as it works to at least 99.99%.

    • There is also the art of massage, to rub in a circular contour of the pixel, more and stronger and for a few minutes. It's very dangerous for the pixels around that still work. And although the massage would cancel a false contact in the micro-machinery, I strongly. Do it if indeed the (s) pixel (s) gene (s) great display, or do very little.

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