We sometimes need to know quickly the technical details of our computer's. For this, the system has precisely an online comprehensive avoiding having to install more sophisticated tools like Sandra, SIW, or Everest. Here are the secrets of this command unknown.

Need to check the exact model of your computer, its motherboard or BIOS number? Need to check what is really embedded processor? Need to know how much memory installed or used? Need to check if a patch is installed? There is no need to seek for tools outside! XP and Vista have a command system very fast and practice:

  • Start a command prompt (in the Accessories, or in Vista by typing CMD in the search box on the Start menu)
  • Enter the SystemInfo and press Enter
  • A few seconds later, a list of characteristics appears.

Watch particularly the following information:

Host Name: Specifies the name of the machine on the network
Name of the operating system indicates the exact version of Windows installed
Configuring the system indicates which mode of operation is currently configured Windows
Installation Date original state when your system has been installed at the origin
Start time system shows the date and the date of the last reboot
Manufacturer of the system indicates what is the manufacturer of PC
Model of the system indicates the system model from the manufacturer
Processor: indicates the number of processors and the exact model of processor
Bios version indicates the manufacturer, the version number and date of build BIOS
Total physical memory indicates the amount of RAM available
Physical memory available indicates the amount of free RAM
Fixes: indicates the number of patches and the list of patches added to the system
NIC: List network interfaces and their IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

The command can be used to obtain the same information remotely from another machine on your home network. Simply specify the name of the machine, the user's login on this machine and password:

SystemInfo/machine_name/user_login /user_password
You can also export all this information in tabular form readable in Excel or OpenOffice Calc:

SystemInfo/FO CSV