Save your important data before formatting for example ...
At the launch of the 1st batch, it saves all the files and folders, for against if you restart the batch 2 weeks later, it saves the changes, very effective.

In fact in the example above, against, I save my file "docs" that lies at the root of C: partition to my D: in the "backup" and my favorites ( "% USERPROFILE%" is the variable of "Documents and Settings \ username"). The switches E / H / R / Y / I / D used to copy the system files hidden ,.... For more information, open the command prompt (cmd.exe) and type xcopy /?.

First, open the notepad and enter this:

@ echo off 
  xcopy C: \ Docs D: \ Backup \ Docs / E / H / R / Y / I / D 
  xcopy "% USERPROFILE% \ Favorites D: \ Backup \ Favorites / E / H / R / Y / I / D 
Then, save the text into a file named with the. Def (eg sauvegarde.bat) and selecting "All types of files."

Suffice it to launch this file to copy data from C to D.

Note: You can change the course letter readers in the script.