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Thread: Creating a USB key for Windows Vista installation

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    Creating a USB key for Windows Vista installation

    So, in this trick I will explain how to create a USB key that contains the installation of Windows Vista. This requires three DVD's installation of the system. The goal is to use a USB drive and store all the files needed to install the system. Thus, starting from this key (it means that the machine supports booting from a USB device), installing the system will be much faster than from the DVD.

    Step 1

    Before you begin, you must have a USB drive of at least 4 GB You must format it to NTFS (New Technology Files System). To do this, open the Start menu and then click Computer. Right-click the drive to your USB drive and select Format. In the list of file systems available, choose NTFS, give a name to your key (eg "Vista") and select "Format" to not wait for ten minutes.

    Step 2

    That issue equipment, are ready. We did not specify above, but also you have to hand your 3 DVD's VISTA.
    Once that is done, we move on to the second stage. Go to the Start menu and click on "Run" then enter "cmd" before validating. Then write the "diskpart, validate and then type the following commands:

    • List volume
    • Locate your USB drive in the volumes and then type: select volume X Active
    • exit

    Then, towards the DVD of Vista, specifically in the boot. Get the utility "Bootsect.exe and copy it into the directory where you type commands (if you have not paid attention, it will be the C: \ Users \ YOU). Also in the console, then write: "bootsect / nt60 Y, where Y is the drive letter for your USB drive.

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    Creating a USB key for Windows Vista installation

    Final Stage

    The most relaxing, if I may say so. Select all data DVDs vista and move them into the USB key. Size varies depending on the architecture referred (32 or 64 bits) and integration or not Service Pack 1. For example, 2.85 GB for Vista SP1 32-bit.

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