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Thread: Extensions In Firefox 3

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    Extensions In Firefox 3

    The strength of Firefox is due in part to its scalability. Scalability permitted by a mechanism for adding extensions of all kinds which are still improving usability and enhance the browser functionality. While it is possible to use extensions in Firefox 2.0 (via an advanced setting), it is highly recommended to use only extensions designed for and adapted to version 3.

    Extension 1: ColorfulTabs

    Give a new relief to your Web explorations putting color to your tabs! The tabs are automatically colored: those belonging to the same site are of the same color, and each site is assigned a different color. At first glance so Placemark on the tabs, even if we opened a number unreasonable.

    Going into options module can also assign a background image tabs or adjust how the software assigns color tabs.

    Download ColofulTabs.

    Extension 2: Tab Scope

    With this extension, you will implement in Firefox one of the most interesting features of its competitors. Tab Scope allows you to display a thumbnail view of a tab simply by positioning over the mouse. This can easily find the exact tab that interests you when you open many pages simultaneously, you avoid having to open one by one every tab to find the right!

    This is one of the most extensions for the moment. The options for this unit to adjust the position and size of thumbnails!

    Download Tab Scope.

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    Re: Extensions In Firefox 3

    Extension 3: FlashGot

    Well known and highly appreciated by users of Firefox 2, the download manager FlashGot interested now in the heart of Firefox 3 and results in faster downloads. It is also very practical for one-click download several files on the same page. FlashGot operates, the choice is the new manager download Firefox 2, an external accelerator. Many options to adjust the behavior of the program.

    Download FlashGot

    Extension 5: Cooliris (formerly PicLens)

    Full-Screen, 3D - Cooliris transforms your browser into a visually stunning experience for searching, viewing, and sharing online photos and videos. The "3D Wall" lets you effortlessly search and zoom your way around thousands of images, videos, movies, news feeds, and even online retailers. To share stuff with friends, just drag and drop.

    The module "Cooliris" adds an icon in the toolbar for Firefox. Just click to activate the interactive 3D and full screen. Select a theme or type a search word. After a few seconds, the wall appears result.

    Cooliris works on thousands of Media RSS-enabled web sites and blogs, and the following popular websites:

    • Google Images
    • YouTube
    • Flickr
    • Facebook
    • MySpace
    • Photobucket
    • DeviantArt
    • KodakGallery
    • Picasa Web Albums
    • Smugmug
    • FotoTime
    • Fotki
    • Getty Images
    • Bebo Hi5
    • Friendster
    • Yahoo Image Search
    • Ask Image Search
    • Live Image Search
    • AOL Image Search

    To use Cooliris on the above sites,
    1. visit the gallery on that site, and then
    2. click the Cooliris that appears above images and videos as you mouseover them.

    Download Cooliris

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