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Thread: Discover the new OpenOffice 3

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    Discover the new OpenOffice 3

    It has everything great.

    How much are you willing to spend to have a full office suite, a true? A suite developed by a major publisher with at least naturally, a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software. Do not tell us that you do not need! Your computer and your printer do you use it to surf, send and receive emails, edit and print photos? Not, then how? 100 euros? In this case, you need to add a few tens of euros to acquire the latest version of Microsoft Office, in its edition yet reserved for families and students. And a few hundred euros more to take advantage of Corel WordPerfect - yes, it still exists!

    Of course, you read the title and hat on this issue and therefore already know where we want to come ... Without doubt, also, you already know - OOo for intimate - the free office suite issue of the free software world. An office suite, which this month, blew his eighth candle and can be proud of have been downloaded more than 100 million times! An office suite, finally, who appealed to both individuals, companies and administrations across the world.

    A maximum aperture

    On October 13, OpenOffice has landed on the Internet in its new version. You have not yet downloaded? So no time to lose! 3 because OpenOffice is of course not only a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software, but also software design and system management databases. What you write letters, do your accounts, give free rein to your creativity ... or easily open and edit all the documents you receive by mail, or lying on the canvas.

    All? Yes! Because, you discover in the pages that follow, a major new OpenOffice 3, its opening for more file formats. But that's not all ... Because all these innovations, such as new graphical interface OOo does not necessarily jump to mind, we invite you to discover our company.

    In fact ... We talked about office suites major publishers? Let it be said, even on this ground, OpenOffice has nothing to be ashamed of competition pay. Because it is the result not only talented developers from different backgrounds, but also the contribution of renowned international companies: Sun Microsystems, inventor of the network file system (NFS), also behind standardization of the Unix operating system; Novell, pioneer in the field of operating systems for networks, and IBM ... a pioneer of information that needs no further introduction.

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    Re: Discover the new OpenOffice 3

    Download OpenOffice 3

    PC or Mac
    512 MB of RAM
    50 MB on the hard disk
    Windows XP or Vista, Linux, Mac OS 10.4

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