Excel is far from being easy to tame. Its functionality is such that few users really know the capabilities and control functions. To remedy the situation, Microsoft has developed an extension that helps the user to discover the full potential of the spreadsheet.

Excel has certainly an integrated comprehensive, but it is not really interactive and highly visual. Hence the idea to offer users a new tab aid which operates more video content and interactive sites on this line of Microsoft. This adds a new tab "Getting Started" in Excel 2007 ribbon. Orders for this tab you can use to access training courses, live demonstrations, and the assistant matches Excel 2003/Excel 2007.

  • Close all windows and exit the Excel application if it is open.
  • Download the extension by following this link
  • Install the extension by double-clicking the MSI file downloaded.
  • Launch Excel
  • The Office Ribbon is now enriched with a new tab "Start"
  • Interactive Guide Click to view the reference guide commands Excel 2003 and Excel 2007 that allows users accustomed to the old menus to find their favorite features in the new interface.
  • Click on About Excel 2007 to view a training video to the new spreadsheet Microsoft
  • Click on Presentation of Excel 2007 to view a demonstration of how Excel 2007 helps you analyze, share and manage your information.
  • Click on About Excel 2007 to quickly become a professional in this new version
  • Click on training and demonstration video for interactively explore some of the advanced features of the spreadsheet.