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Thread: Is your PC running too slow

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    Is your PC running too slow

    There are two main reasons for a computer begins to run slowly. One is that hostile programs known as spyware that get stored on your computer. These programs take place in your Internet connection so that it runs slowly.

    I recommend you a super good anti-spyware program called Nuker. I use it myself, and it works

    Download Nuker

    Another problem is due to Windows does not ensure that they will be cleared up properly when you delete things on your computer. Consequently, the memory gradually filled up with things that should not be there. And it's only going to get worse and worse as time passes. There is only one thing to do...... They must be cleared up

    For that you must use a program called REGISTRY FIX

    Download REGISTRY FIX

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    Re: Is your PC running too slow

    A final program, which I would recommend is Antivirus Advance, which contains a range of options to protect your files, tracking hostile activities on your computer and automatically scanning your e-mails of malicious viruses.

    Antivirus Advance costs some bucks but is all worth the money.

    Download Antivirus Advance

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