If you are vista user and interested in using file encryption in Windows Vista, then defiantly you'll be interested in implementing this trick and you'll find this quite useful instead of using old procedure of using properties dialog box.So to add the Encrypt / Decrypt options to Vista right click menu follow the following procedure:

  • In vista start menu search box or in Run box type the regedit.exe and press enter then a registry editor window will open in that window find the following registry key:


  • Now after selecting that registry go to the the right-hand pane, create a new 32-bit DWORD value called EncryptionContextMenu and give it a value of 1.

  • Now when you right-click on a file, you'll see a new option called Encrypt.

  • When you choose this option, you'll receive the following dialog, asking if you want to encrypt just the file, or also the parent folder. You can also choose just the file as the default.

  • Once the files are encrypted, you'll notice that the title of the file is now green, indicating that it's been encrypted. The right-click option will also now change to Decrypt.